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Featured Charity


Use code PMAD2016 when you order any Pet Studio Art item and I will happily donate 20% of your order to help PMAD Austin save more lives (PLUS, you will get free shipping on your order). 

Puppy Mill Awareness Day Austin is a beautiful event hosted by my strong and lovely friend Courtney. In addition to her huge dogs (she has 3 rescued Great Danes), Courtney has a huge heart and has been involved in Puppy Mill Rescues for several years. After going on many high profile raids to save puppy mill dogs, she decided to start an annual event that highlighted the plight of puppy mills and with the partnership of several rescue organizations, this event has become one of Austin's favorite animal-charity gatherings. 

In addition to shining light on the sad reality of life for puppy mill dogs, PMAD Austin invites rescue organizations from the area to bring out their adoptable animals in hopes of finding homes for their pets. These rescues include area shelters as well as organizations that specifically work to save mill dogs.

This event is a wonderful gathering of animal lovers and those that want to help end puppy mill suffering. If you would like to learn more, visit their website and be sure to thank them for an amazing job!

Below are a few of the photos from the 2016 Puppy Mill Awareness Day Austin event. To see more, follow our blog