Rescue Referral Program

Throughout the year, Pet Studio Art is honored to partner with amazing rescue organizations that are committed to saving the lives of the pets we love so much! Every reputable animal rescue organization is welcome to participate in our referral program. 

How does it work?

  • Our referral program is simple. Just share with your supporters and for every order you send our way, we happily donate 15% of the profits back to your organization. During the checkout process, our customers are asked "Who referred you to Pet Studio Art?", this is where your supporters will mention your rescue. At the end of each quarter, we tally up our donation referrals and send a donation to those who participated. 

Is there a fee or requirement to be part of the referral program?

  • The only requirement that we have is that your rescue is one that truly works to save lives. We just want to ensure that each donation made goes directly to helping animals. We do review the charities mentioned to ensure that this is the case. We send invitations out to rescues that we already love and support, so if you were invited to participate, your rescue is welcome to join in on our referral program.

How much can our rescue expect to raise in donations?

  • This is a great question, but unfortunately one that has many answers. We generally see the most success with organizations that share the program with their supporters 1 - 2 times per week. This can be in a social media posting, a mail out or included in your newsletter. We never have a cap on how much we will donate! We have a few rescues that have raised thousands of dollars, and some that raise $5, it varies based on your followers. We do not guarantee any specific number, just that if your supporters place an order, we will happily say Thank You with a donation!

I would like to share, but I am not sure what to say. 

  • Not a problem at all! Feel free to email us directly at with any questions or requests and we are happy to help make suggestions on how to maximize your donations! Rescue is our passion and we love being able to give back! 

Do you offer product donations for fundraisers?

  • Yes, however we do have some requirements from you first. 
    - Make a post on your rescue's social media page with a special code that I will give you. This gives Pet Studio Art a little promotion and your special code will send a donation of 15% back to you as a Thank You for posting and sharing our work. Once this post is made, we will happily send a product donation to your rescue to use in your fundraiser. This is a lovely win-win for everyone involved and the extra sharing of our work allows us to afford to give free products to the charities we love.  

Can my rescue order tote bags at a discount?

  • Yes! We offer our wholesale options to rescue organizations. You can learn more about our wholesale program and place your first order by clicking here. Many rescues see great success selling our tote bag line at their fundraising events and on their websites.